Thursday, November 14, 2013


‘Haiyan’  (typhoon 7th November 2013)

It came in waves of red mist,
angry and filled with venom.
It came
like early sunset
closing the door to the day,
turning off the light.
It came like the terrors,
undefined and haunting,
and the cries
that never leave the heart.

Still it comes
like a thief:
ransacking, raping,
and leaving only memories.
It comes, unbidden,
with salty tears
and pointless ‘if onlys’
at the closing of eyes.

The debris of bodies,
broken homes,
destroyed hopes,
litters the hungry
deluges the thirsty
and wounds the injured.

who paints the sunsets,
who knows the secrets
within the heart,
who hears the silent cries of loss,
give them hope.

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