Friday, May 03, 2013

May again

It’s May again:
sun streaming in
like maypole ribbons,
and the dance
to Summer begins.

Trees begin their homage
to the gods of green;
blossom, spreading like rabbits
rampant with hormones,
garland the branches.
Summer dresses
escape from wardrobe prisons.

It’s May again:
memories of former days
intertwine in coloured cobwebs
skipping in and out
in plaits of streamers.
Circle ballet,
daisy-chain doh-see-doh weaving,
friends coming and going.
All life is here:
going around,
coming around,
karma in P.E. shoes.

1 comment:

Lou Ann said...

The photo looks so much like my grade school that I might find myself in it. Thank you for bringing back the memories of May Day as it used to be.