Wednesday, December 19, 2012

disturbing the sleep of sheep

Connor the sheep

The afternoon nap foregone
for grans and grandads and my mum 
heaven knows what I'd have done
if it wasn't for nativity.
If I'm supposed to be a sheep
missing my post midday sleep
I'll be the best sheep I could be
and welcome the nativity.

There'll be no dry eyes watching me
and my school pals' delivery
we'll give this spectacle for free
our annual nativity.
And those who watch with laughing eyes
however able, however wise
will see right through this small disguise
thankful for nativity.

For as the years drip from the tree
it's not shopping  makes it Christmassy
but joining inspirationally
this special nativity.

1 comment:

Richard Hubbard said...

Now that's a 'cracker'!