Sunday, December 02, 2012

deep calls to deep

Deep calls to deep,
the imprint of God upon the ghost of spirit,
a watermark in virgin paper,
a tincture of a whisper
from creation’s nativity.
We too bring gifts to the child –
the twisted gold tinsel
crown for a king,
fragrant candle
for a deity,
the romantic fairytale
an antiseptic for reality.
This is a death and entrance,
a lower case alpha and omega,
the bracketed phrase
in the sentence of eternity.
This is no stable,
mucked out and sterile,
but God among
the droppings
of mankind.

1 comment:

Richard Hubbard said...

'Deep' is right, Keith! But I think I understood it...though probably on a deeper level than concious understanding...(!) Now *that's* deep for me!