Thursday, November 15, 2012

Advent Oddessy

The new book for Christmas 2012.

From rhyme and free verse to narrative meditation, there will be something in 'Advent Oddessy'  for most tastes. 
Don't expect to like it all or to find all the pieces 'comfortable' or 'nice'  because there was little that was comfortable  about that first Advent.   The 'wise men' only appear in passing due to their being late to the party. And here we won't dabble with the villain of the piece - Herod doesn't  feature at all. 

 to sample some of the pages click on this.   Better still, follow the prompts and BUY a copy.  Makes a great Christmas present so buy one for someone else too!

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chris said...

Looks exciting Keith, I'll be sure to check this one out and talk it up. Keep Being Great :-)