Thursday, July 19, 2012

I will celebrate

I will celebrate
the first crocus of spring,
the dewy mists in June
and the pimpernel sun
in its hide and seek season.

I will celebrate
dawn’s cacophony,
the scrawny unfledged starling
and the skittish goldfinch
on the nyjer seed towers.

I will celebrate
smiles of achievement
on the faces of small children,
clambered imps on coal bins
and footballs in flower beds.

I will celebrate
the scent of jasmine
in the evening breeze
and the choke of manure
in open fields of expectancy.

I will celebrate
love on a winter night
the impractical abandonment
of clothes and breath
in passion’s grip.

I will celebrate
difference in its many colours
when grey conformity
blindfolds the zombies
in their confinement.

I will celebrate
the Creator.
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chris said...

You've provided us excellent reasons to celebrate and an eloquent, beautiful image... Amen Keith :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful images. Thank you, thank you. :)

-Chris Stachura

Cindee Snider Re said...

Keith, I love all of this, but the words that stopped me today were, "in open fields of expectancy." Living in drought conditions and daily watching the corn curl in on itself, dying from the roots up, your words give hope. It will rain again. The grass will regain color, the corn leaves will unfurl and raise soft tassels toward the sun, maybe not this year, but we will again celebrate "open fields of expectancy."

Cindee Snider Re said...
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E. G. Lewis said... usual.
Peace and Blesings

Christine Henderson said...

Your words always bring a smile to my face and and aah of understanding.

From Carols Quill said...

Another wonderful poetic glimpse at life. Loved the football in the flower bed! You sure have a way, Keith...

Tracy Krauss said...

well said! Often its the little things in life that are worth celebrating

Jack Brown said...

lovely words, lovely images.
biiiiiiig hug

Michael Johnson said...


I have never seen the words Creator and creativity linked in a sentence. It makes perfect sense but I had never made the connection

Michael Johnson said...

I had never seen the words Creator and creation linked in once sentence. Our God is the God of creativity.

SandiGrace said...

WOW. I love this! The last stanza is a nice setting for the many jewels in this poem. My thought after reading this is, "Life is an awesome gift!" Thank you Keith.

Keith Wallis said...

Thanks for the comments

TraciB said...

As always, a beautiful poem and photo combination, Keith. The repetition of "I will celebrate" is almost defiant in its declaration. You've inspired me; I may have to write my own "I will celebrate" poem.:)