Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The bee and I

The bee and I

Nature nurtures,
the surrogate hand of God
visits sunshine to tender places.
The beauty of veined wing,
the artistry of colour,
the impossibility of contour
humour the lazy watchfulness
of a summer day.
Showered with blessing
we both move on
the bee and I.

 This is part of the May blog chain of writing on the theme 'Nurture' by members of ChristianWriters.com  Please see the full list of those involved in the right hand column and visit a few of the others.


Adam Collings said...

I like it. This poem makes me think about how in nature, nurturing is actually quite natural. Maybe that's why all those words are so similar. Are human beings the only ones that have to make a concious effort to be nurturing?

by Pegg Thomas said...

Is this the same one that stung your foot awhile ago? Were you nice enough to take his picture instead of squash him? Love the "color" and "humor" here. ;)

Christine Henderson said...

Love the phrase of nature being the surrogate hand of God. Too bad some think nature is all there is with no God behind it.

Keith Wallis said...

Pegg - that was a horsefly of some sort, bees are far too gentlemanly to do such a thing without provocation.

Tracy Krauss said...

I also loved the opening phrase of nature being the surrogate hand of God. Lovely thoughts for today!

From Carols Quill said...

Wonderful, Keith. So full of movement and visuals. I will be thinking about the bee and I throughout the day. And smiling.

E. G. Lewis said...

Reminds me of standing in a field of clover as a child and watching the bees buzz around me. Peace and Blessings.

Bill Jones said...

Thanks Keith - great word pictures.

Michael Johnson said...

I like the line "the surrogate hand of God"

Jack Brown said...

thanks Keith another gudden
ah the gentleman Bee with furry waistcoat and trouser pockets stuffed full of pollen

SandiGrace said...

Very nice!! I love "the impossibility of contour," especially since some scientists claim bees should not be able to fly given their physical structure. "... visits sunshine to tender places," and "Showered with blessing," are also pleasant. I will remember those all summer, I think. Thank you for another beauty!

Terrie Thorpe said...

"Showered with blessing we both move on the bee and I."
Loved this line, we are ontinually blessed, each moving forward, completing our mission. Beautiful
Peace and Blessings

Deborah K. Anderson said...

Very cool, Keith. My favorite verse is: "Showered with blessing we both move on the bee and I." And I love the picture.

God bless you.

Traci B said...

Beautiful photo and poem, Keith. I like the whole package. :)