Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The last snarl

Death has crept behind
unseeing eyes.
You did not choose
this journey
of darkness,
this unfair fight
with nature’s course.
Death has not tamed you,
you do not smile,
you snarl your warning
exposing weapons
and yesterday’s blood.

Today you won’t be patrolling
in territorial fervour
nor parading -
emperor in regal tenure.
Today has stolen your crown.
Your light touch of stealth
now the heavy
of unforgiving time.

And despite the baring of teeth,
the last snarl,
you become sustenance
of the prey
as the menu
begins to dine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sad brilliance, Keefers! Only yesterday, on the M40 near Oxford, I saw a once-handsome, and very large, dog-fox minus one hind leg and pelvis, dead in the gutter of the outside lane (stationary, at the time, with traffic queues)
Such a snarl on his face as he breathed his last... Such a shame...
(Richard-the beard!)