Sunday, December 25, 2011

The bells begin

The bells begin

The bells begin
sounding a birth.
So with the light of day
comes the new Light,
the new Day.
Shadows may grow
as darkness hides
but Light
breathes life
into frost-bound air.

Unwrapped presents
litter bedrooms,
tags and paper strewn
beside excited beds.
These are gifts,
requiring batteries,
needing assembly,
ready to paint.

The gift of the heart
came earlier,
when in the quiet darkness
Father looked at child,
kissed a sleeping head
and smiled.

May the Father look upon you this Christmas morning and unwrap His presence in your life.
Happy Christmas. 
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Jack Brown said...

Happy Christmas Keith
The Father unwrapping His Presence...
I like it

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Beautiful! Merry CHRISTmas

Traci B said...

Have a blessed and merry Christmas, Keith. Thank you for this wonderful poetic reminder that the best Gift of all is one we can't power up with batteries, one that doesn't require assembly. :)

Mike said...

Great Poem Keith. Merry Christmas

E. G. Lewis said...

You've caught the spirit and feel of Christmas. Have a Merry one! Peace and Blessings.

Christine Henderson said...

Interesting trilogy of Christmas poems. Not sure of what to think of them but they do make me ponder, which is what writing should do.

M. L. Archer said...

Excellent as always, Keith!

Suzette said...

I miss Christmas morning already. Thanks, what a lovely poem!

From Carols Quill said...

Another really beautiful poem, Keith. Perfect images. Thank you.

Terrie said...

Lovely Keith-the best gift is the one received. Blessings

Cindee Snider Re said...

Oh, perfect. Simple. Beautiful. Thank you, and a belated Merry Christmas from my heart to yours!

Deborah K. Anderson said...

As always, very nicely done. (Sorry I'm late getting by here.)

chris said...

good stuff Keith, it keeps me smiling :)

Tracy Krauss said...

What a beautiful poem. thanks and blessings to you and yours this holiday season

Scott Fields said...

Isn't it funny how often we leave the most important attendee of the nativity scene out of the picture? We insert people who probably weren't even there, and neglect the One who was. Very nice, very gentle reminder there, Keith.

I know you kept the "Christ" in "Christmas"; I hope you kept the "Happy" in it, too--and in the new year as well.