Thursday, October 06, 2011

The mirror lies

The mirror lies.

The mirror lies.
The reflection I see is untrue,
things are out of place
a mirror image reality.

Neither do I see what you see.
You do not see ‘me’.
What you see is incomplete
for you see only my actions and reactions
my motives and thoughts are cloaked
skewed by our deficiencies.

God does not see what we see in our mirror,
nor care for what others might see.
God sings over us -
He sees in us 
a work of His hand
and as on every day of His creation
what he sees,
what He has made
is good.

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From Carol's Quill said...

Beautiful and thought-provoking as always, Keith.

I just passed on to you the "One Lovely Blog" award. Go to my blog and copy the award to post on your site. Congratulations. I hope you don't mind the pink flowers.