Thursday, September 15, 2011


The darkling evening creeps
into Autumns shortening days,
cold beckons to overcoats
hidden from the Summer wardrobe.
Birds vacate their chimney perches
disappearing with the fading light,
their solemn night-calls
crying into the clouds.
Colour drains from landscapes
and the tainted hue of street-lights
stutters into half-life.
This is not our country
this place filled with evening,
mask and masquerade.

So we shelter from the disguising    
at the hearth, a lap of God.
It’s warmer here -
in revealing light
where the heart is,
in the heartbreak of lovers,
where what is seen
is all there is to see.

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M. L. Archer said...

Your pictures and words form an combination. Well done, once again!

The Unknowngnome said...

I agree with MLA, well done once again!

Dave Pardoe said...

Very night, this paints a very good picture of the evening and the comfort of home.

From Carol's Quill said...

Ah, Keith. Here in California it's still in the 90s. The only hint of autumn is the crisp morning air for any of us up before the sun. Thanks for reminding us of the chilled beauty of autumn.

Sheila Odom Hollinghead said...

I have to read your poems several times to receive the full impact. Only had time to read through twice this morning, so I'm not sure if I've gotten the full meaning. It's a good poem on any level, though, and I'm glad you shared with us!

Debra Ann Elliott said...


Jack Brown said...

with a good poem there's always more than first meets the eye.
This is very good

bless you Keith Wallis

biiiig hug


Cindee Snider Re said...

Keith, your words and imagery, the sound of the lines read aloud in the quiet of evening is so beautiful! My favorite lines are: "This is not our country/
this place filled with evening,/
mask and masquerade." What an enchanting, haunting image of dusk.

E. G. Lewis said...

Wonderful post. I'm always amazed.
Peace and Blessings

Tracy Krauss said...

Thanks for the word picture

Traci B said...

Beautiful poem and a lovely take on our topic, Keith. Home is indeed where we should be able to be our truest self, no matter the outcome.

Shawneda Marks said...

Lovely picture painted with beautiful words.

Scott Fields said...

This is not our country, indeed. And the shelter's only temporary . . . at least for now.

Powerfully stated, Keith. Still at the top of your game.

Keri Mae said...

Wow. When I grow up I want to put words and pictures together as well as you do. Very nice.

Keith Wallis said...

When I grow up dementia will probably steal the words !

Jackie said...

The words are written so smoothly, so well-thought out, flows with the photo!! Thank you for a nice writing!

Christine Henderson said...

Sitting at the hearth with God what a great word picture of warmth and comfort.

chris vonada said...

Excellent, Keith! I look forward to the cooler temperatures of fall but not so much the shorter days... you key on both of these here... and take it home where the heart is :)

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Love the "lap of God" image, Keith. Want to be there often and all year round.

lynnmosher said...

Keith, please forgive me. I am so behind on my commenting. As always, I come away from your touching word pictures with a sense of wonder and amazement at your ability to paint word pictures. Bless you.

MisterChris said...

Very nice imagery, and thought provoking second verse. Like Steven Curtis Chapman sang, 'We are Not Home Yet'.

Jesus told us that those who are righteous will seek the light, that their good deeds will be revealed by the light. Comforting to be in God's lap, where our heart longs for us to be.

Bluebell Woods said...

I love this one. I will read some more as I go along. Just saying hello from a distant country, met you on Houghton Regis Facebook group