Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is one of a month long blog chain on the subject of 'Freedom ' by members of others can be found via the link at the left of this page.

Cloudy lips kiss the air
with fleeting gossamer smile,
this is freedom.
The lofty suspension of love
in the atmosphere of God

An island in the sky
unfettered by anchoring care,
free of need,
nebulously precise.
And more than this;
the promise of shade
a shield in the sky,
watery refreshment
to parched places.
This cloud of witness
to the careful hand
of God.

This freedom sky
of scuttling cloud
tickles the wings of dove and gull
who swim in its heights
on tidal breezes
feathers plucking the updraft.
Birds safely stride
an invisible solidity
a ‘terra firma’ of atmosphere.

The deep blue freedom draws me
into the mind of God.


The Unknowngnome said...

Your words draw me in.

Great writing Keith.

Tracy Krauss said...

The freedom of birds in flight is a great analogy for our freedom in Christ and is only a shadow of what heaven will be like, I think.

E. G. Lewis said...

Very enjoyable. There's nothing quite a bird on the wing. Right now we're having the annual hummingbird wars as the jostle for position at our feeders. It'd be easy to watch them all day. Peace and Blessings

Christine Henderson said...

Love the imagery of scuttling clouds and feathers plucking. You really do create word sculptures.

From Carol's Quill said...

Gorgeous -- again. Loved the many reminders of what clouds bring--shade, rain. Loved the "cloud of witness" reference to scripture! Beautiful, Keith.

TraciB said...

Wonderful poem, Keith; I felt as though I were gliding on the currents along with your birds.

MGalloway said...

Nice! I like the "island in the sky" imagery along with the juxtaposition of the words "nebulously" and "precise".

Adam Collings said...

Nice take on freedom. Reading your words makes me want to fly amongst the clouds like Superman - inhaling God's presence. It's good to know that His presence can be found wherever I am though.

Cindee Snider Re said...

Ahhh...Keith, beautiful! Love the image of "an atmosphere of God/An island in the sky/unfettered by anchoring care....deep blue freedom [that] draws me/into the mind of God." Absolutely perfect words to meditate on today -- on vacation on the shores of Lake Michigan, gorgeous blue sky overhead dotted with snow white gulls. Thank you!

Nona King said...

Wow, Keith! Your imagery is moving! Thank you very much for sharing.

Scott Fields said...

Among a train of people who are drawing from the word "freedom" inferences of political, social, and spiritual freedom . . . it's refreshing to be reminded of the sort of freedom that exists in settings and among creatures who are beholden only to the laws of physics — no imposed regulations or edicts that are incumbent to self-realization. There's a wonderful peace behind that idea.

Thanks for taking us to that place, and for the reminder that such peace still exists in a world governed by God's hand.

lynnmosher said...

Keith, I'm sorry I am so behind in my comments for the month. Oh, to soar with eagles' wings, the freedom of the sky! Always touching words. I love this: The deep blue freedom draws me into the mind of God. Beautiful, Keith!