Monday, June 20, 2011

Fresh air

Stealthy invisible gusts
bow pastured blade
in homage -
a passing comb
across the brow.   
Fresh air sings between feathered reach
rustling grasses, 
a feathered breath
within the sky’s blank canvas.
There is no signature cloud
tracery to reveal its route
just the bending of reverent sward.
And the sound of a rushing wind
fills the room of day
the breath of God upon the waters.
And mixed among this genesis of creation
the simple act of direction
holds a rook aloft
and fills its lungs.
The breath of God
gives life.

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Cindee Snider Re said...

Keith,you took me to my favorite of all places with these words -- the crest of a dune, watching gulls soar on currents, windblown, breathing in cool, moist air, filling my soul with a renewed sense of God's Presence in the moment. Love your last two lines: "The breath of God/ gives life." Ahhhh...what a beautiful breath of fresh air today! Thank you!

From Carol's Quill said...

Keith--another gorgeous image, gloriously said. "Fresh air sings..." Wonderful.

Traci B said...

As always, Keith, your words and photo are a blessed addition to the blog chain. Beautiful post, my brother. :)

Terrie said...

Thank you Keith -amazing, I was right there with you. It is the breath of God that fills us with his fresh air. Love it!


Sheila said...

You did it again. This has a double meaning. The wind--God's breath--creates "life"--the swaying of the grass, the flying of the rook.

You have an amazing mind! Love, love, love your poetry.

And I learned a new word--sward. :)

MGalloway said...

Excellent poem, Keith. You do a great job with images, and the double meaning near the end of the poem is well done.

Tracy Krauss said...

Beautiful. I love the mix of poetry and prose, humor and thought provoking posts on this chain!

Tracy Krauss said...

Love the mix of poetry and prose; humor and thought provoking posts we are getting on the chain this month. Beautiful

E. G. Lewis said...

As always, I feel my blood pressure go down when reading your blog. Great post!
Peace and Blessings

lynnmosher said...

Astounding as always! You never cease to amaze me, Keith. I think smoke must come out of your ears when you write a poem! LOL I loved this...a passing comb across the brow. Wonderful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! "The breath of God upon the waters." I love that line! I have always enjoyed your poetry. So refreshing! :) Thank you for sharing your gift!

chris said...

Keith, I always enjoy marinating in your poetry, it really is like reading the Bible to me as I always seem to gain more each time I read through one of them. Thanks!!

Chris Depew said...

Keith, I am not sure where you expected to take people with these beautiful words but I was somewhere wonderful. Thank you for that. Glad your a part of the Chain.

Adam Collings said...

I could really hear the sounds and see the sights while reading this Kieth. Very nicely done. You took me to a place of tranquility - then you took me back to the dawn of the universe itself. Imagine the fresh air at the time when God had just finished his work of creation.