Thursday, March 10, 2011

in swirling tides

Our story is written on sand,
etched on other lives,
beached shadows in the sunlight.
Memories swim in and out,
breathless on cold mornings,
but a maelstrom daily engulfs
as time, in swirling tides,
steals away our reality.
And on another beach
in another time
a night without catch,
in a single morning cast,
becomes a festival of fish.
Another life, written in sand
and the dust of eternity,
brings peace to raging torrents.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and deep poem. Tnank you.

Sheila said...

Really like this! We are dust and to dust we shall return. Our meager dustings on those around us will blow away in the "swirling of time," except for the essence of Him that will pass from generation to generation.

I think you've inspired me to go try my hand at poetry. :)

TraciB said...

Wonderful images, Keith - both the photo and the poem. Fantastic addition to the blog chain and a beautiful way to start off the Lenten season.

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Beautiful as always....

Nona King said...

"brings peace to raging torrents." Let it be so in my own life.

Thank you, Keith.

Chris Perdue said...

Great post. Love the hidden message of how Jesus is the answer to bring peace in the maelstrom of life.

lynnmosher said...

As always, Keith, your words are touching and wonderful. Blessings to you!

E. G. Lewis said...

Very nice. I liked the expression "festival of fish."
Peace and Blessings

Adam Collings said...

Interesting how you say our story is etched on other lives. I suspect we don't realise how much our lives impact other's lives. People are constantly impacting each other, in positive as well as negative ways.

Anonymous said...

Wow! LOVE this, Keith! Such beautifully evoked images. You touched the deep places in my soul this morning. Thank you!

Scott Fields said...

". . . as time, in swirling tides,
steals away our reality."

Isn't that the truth. We're a compilation of swirling elements that will one day swirl away again--and we constantly live with that fact. Very well expressed.

- Scott

Tracy Krauss said...

I love the way that poetry can capture the emotions of a moment in so few words. I just finished a poetry unit with my English students (I teach high School) and i am always amazed at how poetry speaks to every single one of them in a way that prose often does not.

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Moved and grateful for your faithfulness to wonder and word!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I agree with Tracy. There is something very special about poetry and how it speaks to a person! Thanks so much for sharing!!