Sunday, February 20, 2011

to the sea

I must go down to the sea again;
the lonely sea
to cry,
to add my briney bitterness
as time’s memorium
passes by.
For stormy power
and doldrums gentle caress
touch deep within
my carelessness.

The pierce of gulls
as darkness departs,
the tang of seaweed encrusted breeze,
the greeting purge
of wavelets on the shore
persistent siren memories
of the sea.

1 comment:

Faith Imagined said...

I get an image of the sea being a strong place for the narrator, which is interesting because the water seems to change more than human emotion.

But I think of God, and how I can never figure Him out. I'm unable to capture Him in my hands and mind. He's kind of like the ocean: His essence is never changing, but His Spirit is ever moving.

He takes our "darkness" and replaces it with a caressing and flowing love.

Beautiful poem.