Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Val

For Val

The sky is ablaze with glory,
flaming clouds torching the evening sky.
It won’t last, each camera click
fading to the cold darkness of night.
Seems a waste of wonder:
an artist would want more return
for his creation –
long-lingered admiration.

I shared this with you
as the anaesthetic faded
and the pain began again
its cloudy congregation.

I could not share the pain
for I cannot see it,
apart from the lines on your face.
But, the sky I can see,
the sky I can share -
though it is only on loan
and not mine to give.

1 comment:

Poets United said...

This is a touching poem and has me curious as to who Val is. Its still nice to know that even though we cannot give away the sky at least we can share it.