Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Psalm 121

Psalm 121

1a I lift up my eyes to the hills…….

I lift my eyes
to a new perspective.

The ground where I tread
remains firm
without the caress of my gaze;
the next footfall as secure
as the last,
regardless of destractive care,
destructive fear.

I lift my eyes,
the safety net that surrounds me
my reality, my focus

No longer what I can see,
hostage to the limit of my span,
but a higher horizon
fills my vision with vision.
The distant place of peace
draws my longing eyes
from the torrent of chaos
that surrounds the day.

1b……………….where does my help come from

My shelter is not the things I grasp
but the unnoticed things
that grace affords.


Cami said...

Ah...this fit the bill for today just right...thank you, Keith, for expressing it.

Short Poems said...

Wrapped up so beautifully, love it :)
You have really amazing creative writing. Lovely blog!


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