Thursday, July 09, 2009

seeing without looking

seeing without looking

I see
your handiwork in the flight of bees,
the witness of wind moved trees
and the tumult of restless seas.

I see
your ingenuity in a plethora of plants,
the rainbowed colour of a starling
and the newness of each day.

I see
your touch of blessing
in the eyes of a child,
a hand of comfort,
and the life of a friend.

I see
your love in the making up of enemies,
the recovery of the sick,
and sometimes in the gentle arms of death.

I can see
your friendly shadow
as I walk in your light,
and its absence when I tread
in mocking darkness upon forbidden paths.

I can even see
you in the mistakes I make
when I learn their lessons
and grow in their wake.

But it’s when I close my eyes
that I see you most clearly;
creation is filtered away
the creator.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written! It is amazing to look around and see God's glory in all creation and even in the circumstances of life. I love how you end the poem focusing on the Creator rather than creation.

God Bless,