Monday, June 15, 2009

the magnitude of that

the magnitude of that
which transcends all thought
beyond the conjuring of imagination
and the colours of our palette

the height and depth, the length and width
our universe defines
is insufficient as a measure
for a finite mind

but if You are beyond imagining
the confining of our thought
it's because the act of seeing You
expands our sense of awe


Cami said...

What a treat...every time I come here to read, I find a place for my soul to stretch out and muse freely on good and true things.

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Hi Keith,

I have been out on the California coast the past three weeks. Came back to find you have been very active on your blog!

Nice pieces as usual and I continue to enjoy your photos as well. Tell me, what coastline do you show with this poem?


Keith Wallis said...

Thats Clovelly on the North coast of Devon, (South West England).