Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Within my grasp

Within my grasp

Within my grasp yet flowing through my hand
life’s elusive mysteries ripple out of reach.
The face that watches me shivers and shines
and maybe isn’t mine -
its distorted amazement
seems shocked at seeing me.

I cannot hold you
but I deform you with my touch
and the leprous mirror
lies for a while.

you tempt with gloss and shimmer
but I cannot freeze frame you
as you slipper between moments
a silent screen
curious, alluring,
luring curiosity.
You drip
from my fingertips.


Cami said...

How sweet is this?! Creation through the eyes of children is just as it's meant to be - may we each become increasingly child-like! Thank you for your insight. : )

Linda Jenkinson said...

This is lovely, lovely poetry. Each word seems to melt in my mouth.