Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A breath of heaven

A breath of heaven.

And God said this is a beginning.

With the breath of each word
creation spawns.

The breath of God upon a void
and light dawns:
day one bright and revealing,
night one restorative:
the beginning of dreams.

The breath of God upon the waters
and sky is born
between oceans of heaven and earth.
Night returns, its brief span
a stamp of approval.

Breath again and land blows holes in the sea:
a playground for imagination
and creativity’s brushstroke.
Night revisits and dreamings rule.

The breath of God,
a green and pregnant garden,
sweeps the land with seed and spore.
Night once more
Bringing upon its back a sense
of something missing
on the blank canvass of darkness.

New day and the breath-words
are star and planet, moon and sun,
seasoning for creation.
The deliberation of night again
the dreams of fin and wing
firing the inventiveness of God.

A new breath brings other breaths
as creatures in diversity
swim and fly, touch and sense,
enjoying the breaths before.
Day closes its eye once more.

A fresh awakening and the sweetness of air
is breathed upon beasts to roam the garden.
Definements of beauty and stealth,
colour and variety, shape and size,
meander the flowering world.
Exhausted they sleep under the stars.

New dawn and a sharing God
breathes a life affirming beauty of air
the touch of God upon Adam.
The blessing of life to a child.


Cami said...

Wow, your telling has me stirred in a way that Moses' could not in plain expression. ;) God is Creator, ever creating - thank you, Keith, for being God's instrument in poetic expression of His life and nature.

conarnold said...

What beautiful images your words bring to mind, Keith! The picture goes so well too. Thank you for sharing your inspiring poetry!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I could not explain how beautiful your poem is.