Friday, March 27, 2009

beyond the border

Beyond the border

The border of this country
is the closing of the eyes,
the passport -
the opening of the heart.
The perimeter walls are thick with love
in this citadel of hope,
where bright-light air is filled with wonder
without shade nor shadow.

I belong here, though I have never been,
for ‘here’ comes to me
with flung wide arms
in Good Friday parody,
its warm-welcoming smile
greets my prodigal return.

And as I shed the grime of seeing,
as life’s disease loses its grip
and faith’s blind truth
speaks unbetrayal, the sound of eternity
offers its salutation.

This Kingdom of God
is the province of uncurtained care,
the embracing moments
that harbour toil-tossed lives
and balm the hurts and loss.

There is no ‘tomorrow’ here,
no waiting room or list
nor the stagnant moment before a kiss.
Here ‘this instant’ is all there ever needs to be
and you, and I, and all that ever was,
will harmonise with all that will ever be.

The cavernous void surrounding the kingdom,
between my King and I,
is accessed by the suspension-bridge
of the Christ.


LLnL said...

Powerful poem.

Jerry R. O'Neill said...

Keith, I continue to enjoy your writings. Thank you for sharing.


conarnold said...

This is wonderful, Keith, thank you for sharing it! I'd like to invite you to visit Poetic Inspiration at and see if you might like to join and share some of your poetry as well.

Jim Swindle said...

This poem speaks to me of love, of truth, and of God's kingdom. Thanks.

Karen Gladys Henry said...

i love this expression of the NOW of His Kingdom!