Monday, December 08, 2008

ascend our thoughts

ascend our thoughts

Resplendent in glistered frost we unwrap the special day
when all is changed, though still the same,
and mangers, stars and hay
ascend our thoughts.

Nativities have come and gone in varieties of craft -
some creating tear drops,
and some creating laughs
ascend our thoughts.

Discarded wrappings litter our paths and cheery homes
and somehow Jesus lays there
while reindeer, elves and gnomes
ascend our thoughts.

The carols fuel our reveries Silent Nights and First Nowells,
and in semi-Bleak Midwinter
the turkey-roasting smells
ascend our thoughts.

The Christmas gift, if gift it is, costing much yet given so free
meanders in the mistletoe
as mischievous kissery
ascends our thoughts.

Yet, trapped within our wonders, the miracle of birth,
new sounds upon the quietude,
new feet upon the earth
ascend our thoughts.

And Christ has come again, again. In mangers of unworthy hearts
unwrapped, and Holy, bright and new
that love of God, which He imparts,
ascends our thoughts.


Mary Moss said...

This is beautiful. I love the way you so skillfully captured the wonder and awe of Christmas.

As much as I love Christmas, I especially enjoy sitting up very late on Christmas night, recounting the day and rejoicing that God has blessed me yet another year on this earth, surrounded by those I love the most.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind in reading your blog, so I went back and read several posts. It's always hard for me to decide which I like best. I love this one, and Stirring in the Dust is fast on its heels. I'm glad no one is forcing me to pick a favorite, though!