Friday, October 24, 2008



A drip of colour on marbled canvas,
the random placement of God
by haphazard wind
or careless bird midwifery.
Royal purple
against holy white,
silk against satin.
Fissured anchor
sufficient to sustain,
spontaneous beauty
within eons grip,
beauty upon splendour.
A yielding, breeze blown dye,
soft and fragile
dancing on unyielding rock
at once a cradle and a grave.
Even the impressive,
with its grandeur of age,
gives place for tender praise.


Rita L. Betti said...

Keith! This is magnificent. I love the contrast, the juxtaposition and the beauty in your photograph and the words you penned. Awesome.

gabi said...

I used to comment as ''compelledbylove'' but some nasty people found my blog and began to attack me. So...I've had to create a new blog. PLEASE do come and read/ comment me there...
~ gabi