Thursday, September 04, 2008

The higher pathway

photo: Clovelly, Devon
The higher pathway is a challenge:
there are steps to face -
each cobbled surface confronts
or confounds unsteady feet.
Tired, I take each stride with pedantic care
and care-worn fragility.
An ungainly gait in pilgrim footfalls
for higher, better.
The path displays its own beauty
beguiling, enticing, entrancing,
snaring moments in elasticity.
Weariness draws the eye to the immediate –
this stone, that shape, that colour,
and, for a while,
no headway evolution is gained.
Then rain-dropped rivulets steal down
tempting an upward glance and trigger progression.
If I stay on the path
there will be an eternal reminder
that each pace is a victory.


Cami said...

"each pace is a victory"

Thank God we don't travel as those who have no hope!

(The photo is gorgeous)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Keith. And particularly fitting for me at the moment.