Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Photo: Winnets Pass, Derbyshire, UK


I will look to the hills,
mighty megaliths,
scar strewn and mantled in green;
their gnarled fists challenging the sky.
Though I will call for mighty winds
that force homage from ancient trees,
and embattled cloud that can cloak and hide.
Though I will conjure fierce shouts of thunder
and the purging flame
of lightning’s thirsting thrust.
Though I will seek the furious,
cleansing, torrent of bitter rain.
Though I seek to hide in tragedies
of noise and clamour.
Yet, in still small voice
will I find
the drama
of peace.


Anonymous said...

These words are such a lovely compliment to the stunning photo.

God Bless,

Maxine said...

Indeed,these words capture this photo. Thanks for sharing your gift, Keith.

Cami said...

Whoa, amazing choice of words, "drama of peace." I'd love to be on those mountains right awesome!