Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Here, for too short a while,
moments from reality,
you are in grip of dream and wonder
where gene cannot intrude.
Here, you run and jump and sing
unencumbered by fragile frame
and unresponsive limb.
Here there is no fear of falling,
no need of scaffold.
Here legs are lion -strong
agile as tree spanning squirrel
swift as day.
What passes as dream
behind open eyes
is lived in dream as reality.
Little wonder the enchantment of sleep
lures you easily into its siren embrace,
the curse of wakefulness holds no charm
save the look of love
from those who care.


Lynn Mosher said...

Such a dichotomy of emotions this evokes. My heart is touched.

Cami said...

The truth of this is the compassion of God on our frail, physical lives. Bless this sweet boy and those that love him so!