Saturday, April 05, 2008

A pennyworth

photo: Cauldwells Mill, Rowsley, Derbyshire

A pennyworth

A pennyworth of contemplation
on a bridge twixt here and there.
A moments pause or hesitation,
the warmth upon face of sun clad embrace,
as speed flowing race of water at pace
tumbles all troubles and care.

The sounds of birds on the grasses,
rustle of trees in the breeze,
the touch on your cheek as it passes;
the cares fall away as the moments of day
begin just to play and problems well may
turn into dreams and hearts ease.


Maxine said...

I haven't been by in a while, Keith. The photo and words with it are lovely, as usual. God bless.

Cami said...

Familiar terms to me: "contemplation...bridge twixt here and there...heart's ease"--and, "a pennyworth"! : )

"tumbles all trouble and care"--thank God for spring; oh, it's been a long, cold winter here!

Carol said...

Not been here for awhile Keith, just love your words and this photo is so relaxing to look at..