Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life without

Photo: Staithes, North Yorkshire. 2007

Life without

With water gone
at moons behest,
resembled normality is preserved by choking silt;
reflection’s sparkled glint
replaced by shadow’s dull echo.
Motionless dinghies
strangely afloat yet still and silent
expose their tender bellies.
Bows that breast and crest the lap and slap
crash and thunder of unkempt seas
become statues to history and portents of potentiality
gripped by silt and sediment.
With water gone
sembled truths remain
but stranded only tell a history;
yesterday’s manna
ready for stagnation’s grey-green fingers.
We wait for tide return
in revival’s zeal,
refreshment, the water of life;
the hallowed blessing of its lifting arms.

1 comment:

Cami said...

Oh, wow...I feel that this is such a telling of our time. Yes, we need the water of life and its lifting arms!