Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too soon

Too soon (requiem)

Too soon, caught out by searing cold,
promised bloom ambushed by time and place
clothes the embarrassment of possibility.
Intimate relationships, their prospects broken,
healing thwarted,
all pledge of new beauty diseased
will begin their fall.
For this moment you may furnish beauty,
benevolent night’s highlit frosting
glistening on your lips at daybreak;
tomorrow, in suffocated decay,
all that will remain is thorn,
red and bloody and ready to tear.
You are gone.

On your stem, silent,
invisible in the wings,
the bud of life remains
and the smile of Spring’s nurturing heart
will kiss new beauty.


Cami said...

I'm going to tell you, Keith, something I've been thinking for a while, and I was telling my husband very recently: You are definitely one of my very favorite poets. I think people will be gathered round in Heaven asking for your autograph. : )
"and the smile of Spring’s nurturing heart will kiss new beauty."

Keith said...

Aww, now I'm all blushed up.

Carol said...

Oh, wo, Keith I have to agree with Cami.. This is just a beautiful poem.
I have missed my visits to you. I am back on track again, with blogging.