Saturday, October 27, 2007

No hurried turbulence

No hurried turbulence

There is no hurried turbulence here.
Serene she drifts, full sail propelled,
as spotlight sun displays her feathered finery.
The last warm days of Autumn
shadow toward winter’s chilly fingers,
but that is for tomorrow’s furrowed brow.
Be still and let beauty be its own reward.
Share this moment; a droplet of delight
in care-worn time,
a gentle ripple in the day.


Cami said...

Okay, I fully overuse the word "goosebumps" in referring to the reading of your poems, Keith...but when I got to your site and I saw the title before the photo loaded, and then I saw the photo--Wow! That beautiful swan...and then the content of your poem..."Be still and let beauty be its own reward"...this ministers to my spirit so much! Thank you!

lynnmosher said...

Keith, For some reason, I have overlooked coming to your site. Or else I did and forgot about it. I never know with fibro-fog. LOL! I have always told you how much I love your poetry, so now I will tell you how much I love your photography. I love it...t-h-i-s m-u-c-h! Beautiful!