Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rainbow Arch

Rainbow Arch
(Lindisfarne Priory)

Island children ran the arch in unshod feet,
fearsome friendships more compelling
than risk of falling.

This standing arch,
high and delicate,
embraces the elements.

This praying arch,
breasts the sky,
remaining unfelled by stormy gust.

Close by,
the war memorial
in selective gales.

(In the ruins of Lindisfarne abbey the “rainbow arch” is the brickwork which goes over what would have been a group of high windows. It looks extremely fragile but despite its looks it withstands incredible gales. Tradition has it that children used to run over it. On the other hand there’s a much more substantial war memorial that frequently gets blown over !)


Francine said...

Keith ... I've been gone too long from your blog. But the summer is over and I can spend time enjoying your beautiful photos and powerful words.

And, maybe now I can update my blogs as well.

Cami said...

Absolutely incredible, visually and philosophically!

Maxine said...

Oh my goodness, how very beautiful!

Carol said...

Oh wow, a beautiful Arch. it does look fragile,but has a very powerful feeling about it..