Saturday, June 23, 2007

1738 - 2007

Site of Thorn Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, England 21st June 2007
1738 - 2007

This quiet spot,
this quiet evening,
an echo of
“Be still”.

Written on grassy parchment
the resonance of God’s house
from ‘once upon a time’
generations ago.

The only markings left: timeworn gravestones,
foundation indentations,
and a new generation
who worship
on this quiet spot
and remember those
whose tears and laughter
lead them to the house of God.

This quiet spot
‘with my mouth I will make
Your faithfulness known
through all generations’.*
*Psalm 89 v1b

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Cami said...

This is so comforting. My son is doing an indepth study on Creationism, our young earth, and it is so good to look back over the fleeting generations and SEE the evidences of God's faithfulness to all of us; it will never fail.