Wednesday, April 25, 2007



The shadow of blue-pink haunts my garden again
a babble of profound incense announcing its presence.
Here is the amethyst herald of summer to come
prophet of warmer days
a smile from God.
Shabby sparrows hide within this shield of colour,
taunting the cat with their hide-and-seek calls
and percolating its branches.
We share this tree, our neighbour’s sun
drawing the blooms,
and they sip white wine beneath it
as the evening puts on its slippers.


Carol said...

This poem is beautiful, I love the lilac flower it is almost regal..

Francine said...

I always stay away too long and when I come back, what my eye beholds and my heart hears takes my breath away.

Lilacs, Celtic crosses, and the resurrection ... things so dear and precious to me.

Thank you for sharing this gift God has given you, dear friend.

Blessings always, Francine

Rita L. Betti said...

Beautiful imagery, especially the last line. And the photo is beautiful too. Thanks.