Thursday, March 22, 2007

And you and I

And you and I

Six pain chasmed hours
on a day that has no beginning,
when shackled eternity and Satan's dance
upon a hill,
a love-nailed sacrifice
and the parched darkness of time.
Demons laugh, while angels smile
with tear filled eyes.
Blood's curse becomes wine's soothing balm
and broken body
the blessing of confessing bread.
Here at table
shadowy prophets
speak of the masquerade of lamb
and disguise of wine.
Unmasking Lamb and Blood
as hands that gently ministered
to dusty exposure of tired feet
cleanse also the aching soul.
And you and I will feast
as Satan starves
and Alpha and Omega meld
in seamless garb.
There is no lottery here,
no dice to fall in random chance.
This is the meeting of truth and time,
where time is always
and truth is ever
and life is but Your breath away.


Marja said...

I would like to hear you read this one, Keith, there is this certain atmosphere to it...

Francine said...

Keith ... your photos continue to speak to me and your words feed my spirit. Just wonderful.

Cami said...

OH, my goodness! Wow! I am soooo blessed by this, Keith!!! Praise the Lord! Soooooo awesome and beautiful!!!