Wednesday, November 01, 2006

beauty exposed

Beauty exposed

Winds may cuff wild raging blows,
salty draughts scour and purge,
suns may blister, boil, and burn,
snows may clothe and ice grip,
but you survive.
This seed fell on rocky ground
a sea-birds transient sentry post.
Tenacious roots peeked and seeked
sustenance in hidden places,
survival driven – you endure.
And on this drab day with sad grey sky
and crying cloud
you add colour
and joy
and hope for those
who, like you, root in hard places.


Cami said...

"who, like you, root in hard places."

Oh to fully receive the strength He can give us in His joy!

Francine said...

Keith ... your photography and words take my breath away.

Absolutely beautiful.

Hazel Mc said...

lovely apart from the last line which has entirely differnt meaning for aussies!!

Carol said...

I too think your words are beautiful, I love the photo of the flowers growing and pushing its way through the hard rock...