Tuesday, October 17, 2006

another blue day

The silken waves swept
their salty essence on my cheek.
All the tears in the sea
cannot mend your sadness.
I cannot change those yesterdays;
soured fruit and bruised ideals.
Tomorrow's vacant canvass,
pale and untouched, beckons
and there is promise in the shadows.
The tide has stolen what might have been,
plans and dreams
which were not shared.
But, my son,
there will be smiles again,
laughter ripping through your lungs.
The gleam in your eye will be
the moistening of joy
and new pains of love.


Cami said...

Pain with purpose...this is the comfort of our hope.

Bertha Laird said...

Hi Keith!

I bounced over from CW to view your blog! I like this poem.
This line: "laughter rippling through your lungs" is so expressive. It sounds like a hearty laugh, and laughter is good medicine.

Thanks for a good read.
Bertha Laird

donna said...

praying for you my friend...may He continue to strengthen and comfort you..