Saturday, September 09, 2006

I have touched God

I have touched God.

I have my moments.
I’m a constant dappling footprint
in reeded shallow,
a progress of liquid shadow,
a metaphor for life.
At my strongest
I move communities to hate me
or draw their love and desire,
when I am weak
I merely slide over silty residue.

I birth a multitude of existences;
my fluid breath stimulating and nurturing
creatures that walk and fly and swim.
I hold a key to life and death
and unlock doors to both passageways
in unequal measure.
I have my moments.

I am holy, I touch all faiths with my fingers
servant to some, lord to others.
I am all shapes and none,
shaping and shaped,
flowing to passionate waves.

I have touched God.
I held Him embraced in my life-death control
for a moment when heaven smiled
and found I was powerless to do all but cleanse.
I heard the words spoken to eternity:
“This is my beloved Son”
and fell as tears from His body


Carol said...

Keith, this poem touched me;It is beautiful as is the photo..just so good.

Cami said...


Francine said...

Your words leave me speechless. Excellent