Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cameron Archer Wallis

Cameron Archer Wallis 27th Sept 2007 to Cameron Archer

Today is your day
child of this time,
blood of my blood.
You have my father’s name,
wear it well.
Fly arrow-straight to the marks
that stand before you,
invitations to understanding.
Yours too will be tomorrow
as my tomorrows fall away
and grey at temples’ edge.
I give you no wisdom,
no sage’s discerning:
I wish you discovery without pain
as you bawl and crawl and grow into life
with scraped knees toughened on forgiving grass.
I wish you the sight of beauteous creation
then vision enough to recognise its source
and inspiration.
I wish you the sounds of trees
and symphonies of raucous birds,
tears of laughter to adorn your cheeks
and more love than you can value.
If I have a gift within me
it’s yours without asking.
Be still, and know,
my other Father watches you.


Cami said...

Oh, how precious--both the prayers of your heart and the beautiful baby Cameron!


Tanya said...

Keith - I just treasure this! My eyes welled up at the love you have for your grandson, so evident in the poem and photograph. Absolutely precious! CONGRATULATIONS!

Francine said...

Keith ... oh, I was hoping and waiting to see if a photo might just appear here.

But you need to know, the last two lines of your poem touched me deeply and gave me such peace in the midst of other things.

Thank you. Your grandson is blessed to have a faithful grandfather.

Rita L. Betti said...

Keith, he's precious. And you look so proud! Congrats.

This is a great piece of poetry, very touching and the last line is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your joy.

WriteLady said...

How beautiful ~ both your words and your grandchild. We have something in common, I also had a grandson born this month (Sept. 12th). There is a special kind of joy that comes with grandchildren ~ you can't explain it until you hold them in your arms. Blessings to you and your family~
WriteLady (A.K.A. Grandma Tea)

Carol said...

What a beautiful picture you look the perfect doting grandchild is blessed..

Debbie C. said...

A beautiful poem for a precious child. May God bless you and your family as you raise him up in the Lord.

I.I. said...

God bless you, brother.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poems
from mary (hazels sister)