Monday, June 26, 2006

Fleeting purity

Fleeting purity

The silent freshness of a new day,
Its untrod pathway of snowy novelty
awaits your first crisp infringement -
imprinting claim upon this moment.
No greyed contaminations
no encroachment of step
holding traditions chained melody.
This day is pure, this day is holy,
this is new day
clean-sparkled with prospect.

Even here, mid shine and glisten,
shadows play their trancing tunes.
Matting fingers steal their ways
from yesterdays encumbered moments
to touch and foul with blistered lies.
This blanket strewn on natures head
a mask or jewel in balance poised
offers no pretence of wealth
but clothes and costumes
all but upright strength of self.

With birthing sun this mantle fades
from single flakes to melding flow,
its gentle tread seeking
earths cool compassion,
its shield redundant
overpowered by rising sun.

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