Thursday, May 18, 2006



Past its best
petals no longer upstanding
seeking sunlight
drawing bees
to its nectar core.

Fading, drooping,
soon to be wrenched away
or slip back to soil
in decays earthy grip.

Had its day
its period of grandeur
when splendid in vibrant colour
and heavy perfume
it stood tall
proudly announcing its presence.

Now pinks are turning grey
reds to darkened rust
green to earthen brown
it assumes the camouflage of dying.

Did anyone else see
what you now possess ?
a reason for shuttered lens to blink
and hold you framed
as you are
in a different, fragile,

1 comment: said...

Poem "Bridge", 16May 06

I like all your poems and I shall browse again.

Would you consider reversing the photograph, that is, flipping it left-for-right, so that the eye moves from "slumbered darkness to wakening light" in the same direction as the text?

I like the effect of left-justification below the photo. At the words "For God greets those who traverse", wold it be over the top, do younthink, to change the justification to centred again?

Ann English
Christchurch, NZ